Pomac Forest + Beaches circuit + Yortuque pedestrian walk

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09:30 amWe begin our tour by visiting the YORTUQUE ECOLOGICAL WALK, probably the most important pedestrian project in the north in recent years, the largest in the country, the first to tell the complete story of the development of a people's civilization. Here we can find sculptures that measure from one and a half meters to more than 6 meters high that together with some murals represent the different historical periods of its population. Such as the Lithic-Archaic period where art is manifested as the Petroglyphs; the Formative period where the Cupisnique culture is manifested. Also the representation of the Landing of Naylamp, the Conquest, Colony and the Republican period can be observed as well as some customs and traditions that the people of Lambayeque still conserve.
10:20 amThen we go to the Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary, which has an extension of 5,887.38 hectares, and an altitude between 80 and 300 meters above sea level. There are 36 pyramids of the pre-Incan Sicán culture here. It was here that the tomb of the Lord of Sicán was found, a lavish burial with beautiful pieces of gold and other metals. Nowadays it is possible to visit the archaeological complex where the famous ceremonial knives known as Tumi were found. The Pomac Forest is the habitat of a number of species typical of the dry forest, especially a diversity of birds, some of them endemic, which makes it attractive for birdwatchers. In addition, the millenary tree stands out: a huge carob tree with a whimsical shape, more than 4 centuries old.
15:00 pmThen we go to the PIMENTEL SPA for lunch, where the port activities and fishing are the main occupations of its inhabitants. The beach is very beautiful and very crowded in the summer months.
17:00 pmLater on, we moved to MONSEFU, one of the Lambayeque towns with a deep and brilliant historical past, which is necessary to know as it was, because knowing its past, we will understand a great part of its reality. We will visit the PARQUE ARTESANAL in which, besides other shops and multi-family workshops, all kinds of handicraft products are sold, including several stands in a length of two blocks. It is the center of tourist reception since it is possible to find local and national crafts of great quality.
6:00 pmTransfer to the hotel.
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Pomac Forest + Beaches circuit + Yortuque pedestrian walk

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