Huaca rajada, Royal Tombs and Tucume Pyramids Museum

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Departure to the town of SIPAN to visit the archaeological complex of HUACA RAJADA which consists of 3 pyramids, 2 very high structures of 35mts. and a Great Royal Mausoleum where 13 important tombs were found. Currently in the process of investigation, the reconstruction of the Tomb No. 7 "Hujman sacrifices", the tomb No. 8 "warriors", the central tomb of the "Lord of Sipan" and its respective Site Museum are shown.
We go to Tùcume, located 35 km north of Chiclayo, which was the capital of the Lambayeque culture, which comprises 26 pyramids where we find a pyramidal structure known as HUACA LARGA of 700 mts. In addition we can visit the Site Museum with an exhibition of the latest findings (burials and offerings, models of their pyramids, friezes in high relief, etc).
We will enter the Tumbas Reales del Señor de Sipan Museum where the original findings of the Sipan Archaeological Complex are found: Señor de Sipan, Sacerdote, Viejo Señor de Sipan and other important tombs of the Moche elite who ruled 1700 years ago and marks a milestone in the history of the country.
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General Information

The climate of Chiclayo is warm, desert and oceanic. The average annual maximum and minimum temperature (period 1950-1991) is 26.3°C and 20.9°C, respectively.

Huaca rajada, Royal Tombs and Tucume Pyramids Museum

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