Chaparri Ecological Reserve

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Chaparri is the first Private Conservation Area (PCA) recognized in Peru. It is an example of the adequate use of natural resources by the rural community that inhabits it. Its objective is to preserve the dry forests and the rich biodiversity of the area.

We head towards Chongoyape, from here we will follow an unpaved road to this ecological dry forest conservation reserve.
We will pass by impressive places, enjoying the landscape. Later, we will arrive at the Huerta Encantada in the Chaparri Private Conservation Area. This reserve occupies 34,142 hectares and is considered a sacred mountain (Cerro Chaparri) by the inhabitants of this area of Peru. Here, we will take the route of the Spectacled Bear, the route of the Huachuma or San Pedro and the route of the White-winged Guan Guan.
During our tour we will observe diverse flora and endemic birds such as Red-headed Parrot, Peruvian Owl or Paca Paca, Emerald Parakeet, Bushwacker, Tumbes Swift, Short-tailed Star, Scarlet Backed Woodpecker, Peruvian Woodcock, Pacific Flycatcher, Cockroach with Eyebrow or Nightingale, Tumbes Pitajo, among many other birds that can only be found here.
Chaparri is home to endangered species such as the Spectacled Bear (Oso Andino), Andean Condor, and the White-winged Guan Guan, for whom conservation and reintroduction projects are carried out. It is also home to coastal foxes, guanacos, peccaries, deer, pumas, royal vultures, hummingbirds, reptiles and more.
You can also visit the rescue centre for the spectacled bears. Here we will meet one of its permanent residents, "Cuto", a bear that was rescued from a circus and is now cared for by park rangers in a natural environment. In this center they rehabilitate bears that have been rescued from illegal captivity, here they learn again how to take care of themselves, until they can be released into their habitat.
We continue the visit through the Huachuma Route, here we learn about the shamanism sessions, its meaning and the respect to the Apus (spirits of the mountains), we continue and visit the reptario and we will know different snakes of the area, amphibians, their way of life and their characteristics.
Finally we visit the Interpretation Center, which explains in detail the biodiversity of the area, how to protect it and the value of this wonderful ecosystem in the dry forest.
After our visit to this northern paradise, we took a detour and reached the Tinajones Reservoir, which feeds water to Lambayeque. Besides enjoying the landscape, we will also be able to observe birds such as eagles, herons and others.
We return to Chiclayo.
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  • Wear color-neutral clothing.
  • Carry mosquito repellent.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Not feeding the animals.
  • No perfume on the day of the visit.
  • Wear pants, sleeved shirt and walking shoes.
  • Bring water, fruit, and some sandwiches for lunch at Huerta Encantada
  • Bring back to Chiclayo all non-biodegradable waste brought to Chaparri, such as bottles, plastics, bags, etc.
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Chaparri Ecological Reserve

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