Nazca Lines from Paracas - Pisco


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  • Duration
    1 Hour 40 Minutes
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For tourists who are in Lima and do not wish to travel 8 hours to the city of Nasca, the Overflight from the city of Pisco is the ideal option. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the fascinating geoglyphs of Nasca declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Delight yourself with an extraordinary view from the air where you will be able to observe enormous lineal drawings of animals, birds and geometric figures, drawn in the desert, that can only be appreciated from the air in a flight of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes over one of the greatest creations of the Ancient World, The Nasca Lines. If the weather conditions are ideal, in this experience and only from Pisco you will be able to observe approximately 16 geoglyphs.

Pick up at your accommodation in Paracas or at the bus station in Paracas.
Transfer to Pisco Airport.
Overflight to the Nazca Lines from Pisco Airport, enjoying a flight of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Touring the Nazca Lines observing the mysterious geoglyphs.
When you land again at the airport our staff will be waiting to assist you and transfer you to your accommodation or the bus station in Paracas.
End of service.
What does it include?


  • Flight over Nazca Lines from Pisco (1 hour 40 minutes).
  • Certificate of Overflight of the Nasca Lines.
  • Transfer of Paracas - Pisco - Paracas.

It does not include

  • Airfare.
  • Food.
  • Bus tickets Lima - Paracas / Paracas - Lima.
  • Extras.


  • Do not eat food before the flight.
  • Wear fresh clothes.
  • Do not carry large or heavy bags (only what is necessary).
General Information
  • Passengers weighing more than 95 kg will pay for an additional seat.
  • Foreign passengers flying over the Nasca Lines must carry their original passport (including minors).
  • Children as young as 2 years old occupy a seat and pay their full fare.
  • It is necessary to count on time since the overflight could present modifications in the schedule according to the climatic conditions (regularly in the months of July, August and September).

Nazca Lines from Paracas - Pisco


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